EntSpace is space for entrepreneurs.
We believe anyone can become an entrepreneur. Our educational platform based on business free-play games, short programs and life path analysis (trajectory).
Free-play games
Free-play or free-form games shaping a self-organizing learning environment. It represents multi-modal, feedback-rich & dynamic learning environments.
Free-play game is Inside & Outside the box learning. You may find new ways for problem solving.

The acts of the players in the game generate new possibilities for changing the game's situations. Participants put their strategies to the test in an ever-changing environment.

The game is divided into three stages, each of which corresponds to one year in real life. The intermediate results are summed up at the end of each stage. New rules are tuned to the evolving game situation. At the end of the game, the facilitators perform a reflection in which the results are summarized, strategies are analyzed, and opinions are exchanged.

The trajectory assists entrepreneurs and those aspiring to be entrepreneurs in identifying and analyzing personal life scenarios, discovering own entrepreneurial path or clarifying next steps in entrepreneurship, and designing own personal life and business development strategy.

Trajectory is a technology for identifying life patterns that is based on the analysis of significant past events and the life cycles theory. You will understand and define events and processes in your life, as well as design your life trajectory, during your session with our Trajectory specialist.

We studied the lives of over 5,000 entrepreneurs aged 26 to 44 from various industries in Russia and abroad. Each of them has a unique life path, but we identified certain patterns in each life and developed our own method for compiling and defining such life trajectories.

Since 2010, we have built over 1,100 trajectories for Russian

Short-term educational programs
Educational programmes for new and emerging entrepreneurs and managing owners of SMEs. This segment includes programmes for businesses at all stages of their development: from a start-up to a medium-sized company entering international markets. The programmes are structured based on the "learning through action" principle, and include theoretical blocks, practical tasks, project work, game practice and international modules.
Meet Our team
The most experienced people in educational technologies and entrepreneurship!
Alex Komarov
Founder & The technology's creator (Associate Professor of the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO)
Nick Dvoriankin
(manager and entrepreneur with experience creating worldwide projects in a variety of sectors)
Pavel Petrovskiy

Evgenia Anikina
Product owner,
Director of the game technicians' school
Slava Zlobin
Head of game technology development,
Leading expert on business free-play games
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