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More than 20 years ago, we began to use gaming technologies in the transformation of large companies and industries. At that time, we were a small experimental laboratory, where we explored the possibility of using new technology in various social spheres, public and corporate governance.

This experiment has grown into large-scale projects in the field of entrepreneurship.

Together with our entrepreneurial community, we have learned what is the best way to grow the business from big vision to outstanding results.


By offering our unique game-based sessions and business development solutions to our customers we develop the entrepreneurial community worldwide.

Our guiding principles

We believe that the combination of entrepreneurial energy and game-based technologies is an opportunity to solve a large number of challenges that humanity faces today.

The global digital platform EntSpace will allow a huge number of great ideas to come to life.

Joint business development sessions and game formats will help entrepreneurs, game’s facilitators, experts to create and implement the most ambitious projects in a very short period of time.

In our development sessions we use and share the set of unique tools for business growth and transformation that have emerged from the integration of entrepreneurial energy and humanitarian technology.

Human potential
Sustainable development
Social Impact
Сonscious growth

Why is the ENTSPACE project important?


Development projects

15 000



Unique Methodologies

Our Team

We can change the world together

Alexey Komarov

Founder, CEO

Eugeniya Anikina

Co-founder, CPD

Vyacheslav Zlobin

Head of Game Tech Development

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