Business free-play game
Try out in the game what you will later realize in real life.

The next available date is 2nd December, 2021,
from 10:00 to 16:00.
Today's Venture Economy
The world is changing quickly, with over one million new businesses launching each year in search of a winning strategy, competing with others, and attempting to acquire investor funds for future expansion. 
Extensive understanding of the venture economy's structure cannot replace for the experience of learning-by-doing and knowing-in-action while starting a business in a venture economy. 
During the game, we simulate the interactions of the venture capital market's players: an angel investor, a tech startup, a venture capital fund, and a strategic investor as they create a startup, obtain money, and enter the market.
How does the game play out?
The game lasts about 4-5 hours and is played by 12-15 people. We're packing three years of life into this time frame; it'll be exciting and lively!

The facilitator introduces the game and its rules at the start of the event.

The participants then create personal goals and objectives within the setting of the game, develop a strategy, and determine the desired outcome for the game.

The game is divided into three stages, each of which corresponds to one year in real life. The intermediate results are summed up at the end of each stage. New rules are tuned to the evolving game situation. At the end of the game, the facilitators perform a reflection in which the results are summarized, strategies are analyzed, and opinions are exchanged.
The game is useful for:
Venture Economy is a type of free-play or free-form games shaping a self-organizing learning environment. It represents multi-modal, feedback-rich & dynamic learning environments.
Startup founders at Pre-seed
Startups at Seed or A,B and C round
Investors (VC, Angels, private equity, hedge funds and etc.)
Everyone who is interested learning-by-doing and knowing-in-action about the Venture economy.
How does the game help?
A business game offers an opportunity to simulate real-world scenarios in a safe environment, test, design, and implement your own plans in order to win in real life.

The acts of the players in the game generate new possibilities for changing the game's situations. Participants put their strategies to the test in an ever-changing environment.
Compete with other startups for venture capitalists, business angels, and strategic investors' funding.
Different angle
You will be able to put yourself in the shoes of an investor or startup and comprehend their decision-making logic.
Capital raising
Gain an insider's perspective on what it takes to beat the competition and attract investment.
Try to form alliances with other startups.
How to develop a startup
Choose a startup development plan (develop on your own, seek partners, or buy technology from others).
Raising money at different stages
Find an answer to the issue, "How much to attract investments and at what stage?
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