Онлайн образовательная платформа на базе
организационно-деятельностных играх (ОДИ) и анализе жизненной траектории
Our method of learning-by-doing helps both new and experienced entrepreneurs establish and develop entrepreneurial thinking.
How it works
- Collaborate with mentors to develop a winning strategy.
- Participate in one of the business organizational games
- Our platform identifies your gaps in knowledge and skills
- Work with our expert to analyze your life trajectory
and determine main scenarios
(Business Venture market, Cryptocurrencies, New Urban economy, Platform business and etc.)
Organizational business game “Business Venture market”
An organization Game as a new form of organizing and a method for promoting collective thinking activity. The game is designed in such a way that as participants become immersed in it, they begin to act out their roles as they would in real life.
Startup business venture market as it currently exists:
The modern startup business venture market unfolds according to the capitalization model rather than the cashflow model. The differences in these logics are not always obvious to those looking to launch a startup or to investors looking for sales figures from the project.

We simulate the interactions of venture investment market players such as an angel investor, a technology startup, a venture fund, and a strategic investor during the creation of a startup, attracting investments, and entering the market during the game.

What does the game have to offer?
A business organizational game allows you to simulate real-life scenarios in order to test, formulate, and refine your own strategies for success in real life.

The game's value:
· Understand how the modern startup business venture market works
· Create and test scenarios for your own business project (startup)
· Understand how and with whom you must build investment communication
· Practice speeches, negotiations, and pitches
· Understand the logic that investors use to make decisions.

The EntSpace team of game technicians has been developing and delivering organizational business games for more than 20 years, including ten years as part of the entrepreneurial and business programs at the Moscow School of Management Skolkovo.

The trajectory assists entrepreneurs and those aspiring to be entrepreneurs in identifying and analyzing personal life scenarios, discovering own entrepreneurial path or clarifying next steps in entrepreneurship, and designing own personal life and business development strategy.
Trajectory is a technology for identifying life patterns that is based on the analysis of significant past events and the life cycles theory. You will understand and define events and processes in your life, as well as design your life trajectory, during your session with our Trajectory specialist.

We studied the lives of over 5,000 entrepreneurs aged 26 to 44 from various industries in Russia and abroad. Each of them has a unique life path, but we identified certain patterns in each life and developed our own method for compiling and defining such life trajectories.

Since 2010, we have built over 1,100 trajectories for Russian entrepreneurs as part of educational programs in Russian business schools using this method.

Trajectories are created with a trajectory specialist.

The session of creating and defining a life trajectory lasts approximately 2-3 hours.
Founder & Education technology expert
Organizational games Director
Alex Komarov
Nick Dvoriankin
Slava Zlobin
Meet our team
The most experienced people in educational technologies and entrepreneurship
Evgenia Anikina
Product Director
has taken part in organizational games and different game formats.
running business games, strategic and project sessions for small and medium-sized business owners and top executives in large corporations.
as part of educational programs and corporate training.
9000+ people
20 years of experience in game practice
550+ games were played
Our advantages
We have extensive experience in educational technology and organizational games.
were created for entrepreneurs and managers
This method lets us to get success in problems of all levels.
1100+ Trajectories
7+ years of experience in Trajectory
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